Welcome To Adanac Pattern

Adanac Pattern has been making quality Foundry patterns since 1959. We incorporate traditional practices with the latest technology to produce the finest product available. Our 10,000 square foot facility is equipped to construct patterns of any size or complexity. Our model-making skills can easily transfer to other industries such as film set props, plastic thermoforming, or fibreglass models.

Who Is Adanac Pattern

Adanac Pattern strives to deliver the best quality and highest value foundry solutions using a combination of old school craftsmanship and leading edge CNC solutions.
In this industry, exacting standards and the highest level of detail count. There are no shortcuts to success and that philosophy over the past 50+ years has enabled us to be leaders in our industry.
For 50+ years Adanac Pattern’s promise has remained the same; only deliver the best for you and your project.
Tim Olson
Tim OlsonPresident
Tim is the President of Adanac Pattern and has been leading the firm since 2004. From traditional techniques to current technology, Tim has ensured that Adanac has led the industry when it comes to investing in leading edge solutions that deliver the competitive advantage that Adanac’s customers have come to expect. Tim dedicates his personal time to being a full time Hockey and Ringette Dad!